Identity is the new enterprise perimeter

Protect it now

Introducing zero trust identity firewall

Defend against 81% of all cyber attacks

security breaches often start with compromised identity (Verizon DBIR).

Prevention is always better than cure !

Prevents numerous identity/credential borne attcks such as -

phishing, whaling, hacking, guessing, brute forcing, scraping, social engineering, keylogging, ATO, credential stuffing etc.


username/passwords stolen in a year (Google)

Decentralized architecture - no honeypot of identity crown jewels.

Increase productivity while minimizing cost of login/password/access related helpdesk tickets.

Gartner estimates 30-50% of all helpdesk tickets are for password issues and each ticket costs $15-$70

360 degree identity security platform

Password less single sign on (SSO) to 1000s of on-premise/cloud apps including -

Email, VPN, SaaS (Office365, GSuite, Salesforce, BOX, Slack ...), Healthcare/Finance apps and many more.

Biometric (TouchID/FaceID), Pin/Pattern and elliptic curve cryptography based multi factor authentication (MFA)

with cryptographic proof of user identity, access and transactions

Easy to integrate RESTful API to add Locurity to any website or mobile app.

Locurity provides strong identity security mandated in various regulatory frameworks.

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With cloud, mobility and IoT traditional host/network based enterprise perimeters are quickly vanishing. Identity has now emerged as the new enterprise perimeter as employees/users access sensitive information anytime, anywhere on any device.

81% of all security breaches start with compromised identity (Verizon). There are numerous ways attackers gain unauthorized access to your enterprise assets in the cloud or on-premises. Most prevalent cyber attacks use legitimate passwords, credentials, tokens and hence current host or network defending solutions can not detect such attacks. A fresh approach is needed to detect and prevent these cyber attacks from becoming security breaches. Locurity provides patent pending 360 degree security platform using 'zero trust' security model that continuously defends this new enterprise ‘identity perimeter’.